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Thanks to our strong footprint, we are able to tailor-make itineraries to cater to everyone’s interests and lifestyle, be it on single-country or combined itineraries, or different themed packages. Do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team to customize an unforgettable travel experience. Among the themes we can support upon request are MICE, Sports, Weddings, Spiritual… and a lot more. 


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Timeless and mesmerizing

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«The french Art de Vivre is a standard of arts excellency,  gastronomy, tasting, elegance and manners.»



The whole experience is just a call away… let us guide you through the endless possibilities France has to offer.


From the epicurean to the adventurous, the tireless shopper and the culture lover, France has something just for everyone.

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Example of itinerary - 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS


  • DAY 1: PARIS

Morning: Arrival and check-in

Afternoon: 3h-tour of the capital’s iconic places

  • DAY 2: PARIS

Morning: Visit of Louvres Museum & Eiffel Tower

Evening: romantic dinner cruise on the Seine

  • Day 3: NICE

Transfer and check-in followed by guided visit or free time


Enjoy the views of the most instagramable shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea


Marvel at the Jewel of Provence and walk down the Red Carpet at glamorous Cannes

Check out and departure

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Dazzling and vibrant

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Home to all superlatives and extravagances for some, land of opportunities for others, Dubai’s lifestyle and contrasts never cease to spark curiosity and interest.

Truth is, with its start-of-the-art infrastructure and its unbeatable entertainment offer, all you need is one night in Dubai…


Try it for yourself!


Example of itinerary - 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS


  • DAY 1:

Morning: Arrival and check-in

Afternoon: Tour and free time between Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina

  • DAY 2:

Morning: Visit of Museum of the Future

Afternoon: At the Top Burj Khalifa and shop till you drop at Dubai Mall

Evening: Dinner with views of the Fountains

  • Day 3:

Transfer to Dubai’s Old Town and guided tour or Desert Safari

Evening: Check out and departure

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Mysterious and intriguing

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Do you belong to those who strive to pioneer new destinations, away from the crowd, the noise and the deja-vu?


Welcome to Saudi Arabia, the last country to open up and unveil an untouched heritage of thousands of years, and landscapes you never even started to suspect…


A mystical destination that will leave you speechless and yearning for more.


Example of itinerary - 6 DAYS  5 NIGHTS

  • DAY 1: RIYADH - Check-in and lunch

Feel the urban vibe at Boulevard Zone and have dinner while enjoying the Live Show


Spend the morning at the UNESCO world heritage site of Ad Diriyah.

Head to the Old Town and the National Museum after lunch, and finish the day in Al Murabba zone

  • DAY 3: ALULA - Flight to AlUla and check-in followed by lunch

Spend the afternoon in the “open-air” museum through the ancient city if Dadan and Jabal Ikmah.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset at Maraya and dine under the stars at Elephant Rock

  • DAY 4: ALULA

Thrill your senses at the Ziplining and marvel at the beautiful UNESCO world heritage site of  Hegra.

Lunch with the farmers then take finish the day in the old town of AlUla

  • DAY 5: JEDDAH - Arrival and check-in

Feel the true Arabian heritage while spending the morning at the Al Balad Historical City

Enjoy a relaxed afternoon at the Corniche and Jeddah Fountain followed by Dinner


Spend the day at the modern metropolis of KAEC or go on a half-day boat tour in the Red Sea to experience Saudi’s pristine marine life

Check out and departure

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Enchanting and seductive

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What sets this destination apart besides being Instagram’s latest muse?

Well, Morocco counts its blessings: a rich and diverse cultural heritage, world-renowned gastronomy, breathtaking landscapes, where hospitality is not only a skill, but a genuine value inherited from generation to generation.


The country has not unveiled all its secrets yet, and continues to enchant more travelers each year…

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Example of itinerary - 6 DAYS 5 NIGHTS


Arrival at Tangier and transfer to the picturesque blue city of Chefchaouen



Visit the Roman ruins UNESCO site of Volubilis

Head down to Meknes for a stroll across the imperial city before reaching its eldest sister Fes, for a relaxed evening

  • Day 3: FES

Marvel at Morocco’s biggest and most ancient imperial city, a UNESCO protected site

  • DAY 4: FES > RABAT > CASABLANCA         

Stop at the capital for a tour of the last imperial city before heading to Casablanca, the country’s biggest and most buzzing hub, to enjoy a night out in the city


 Spend the morning in Casablanca and drive to the unmissable and never-sleeping Marrakesh

  • DAY 6: MARRAKESH        

Continue the visit of the iconic Red City & Depart

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